Breach of Employment Contract

Mehtani Law Offices attorneys represent senior level / executive / c-level employees whose employers have breached their employment contracts.

Importantly, the default rule in California is that employees are “at will”, meaning that they can be hired or fired for nearly any reason, or no reason. There are very limited circumstances whereby an “at-will” employee cannot be hired or fired (e.g., discrimination, retaliation, etc.), but generally “at will” employees are subject to the “will” of their employers and have no protection from termination.

However, oftentimes senior level employees will negotiate and enter into employment contracts that are not “at will” and guarantee a term length of employment. Oftentimes these contracts will have specific provisions addressing when the employee can be terminated. For example, these sorts of contracts will often have a “for cause” termination, and sometimes also a “without cause” termination.