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At Mehtani Law Offices, P.C., our Toluca Lake employment law attorneys represent employees throughout California whose workplace rights have been violated — including the nearly 7,800 residents who call our San Fernando Valley neighborhood home.

Our Los Angeles County employment lawyers believe all employees — no matter where they live or work in California — must have equal access to legal representation when their employer breaks federal, California, or local employment laws.

We have successfully litigated high-profile cases throughout the state, working solely on a contingency basis. This means California employees have immediate access to our skilled attorneys who have trained at powerhouse firms working for Fortune 50 employers in high-stakes employment litigation without paying any upfront or out-of-pocket costs. You will pay nothing for our legal services if we do not win your case.

Contact our skilled employment lawyers in Toluca Lake today to learn more about your legal rights and options to hold your employer liable for your full financial recovery.

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The leading California employment law firm, Mehtani Law Offices, P.C., was founded and is managed by Aanand Mehtani. Mr. Mehtani has litigated high-profile cases reported in The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Hollywood Reporter, and other essential publications and legal journals, outlining the strategic and crucial necessity of partnering with a premier California employment law firm.

Collectively, our skilled Toluca Lake employment lawyers have jury trial, bench trial, appellate court arguments, and private arbitration hearing experience in courtrooms and tribunals throughout California.

Our lawyers pride ourselves on seeing each of our unique employment law cases through, from the time we share free consultations through the final settlement agreements or jury verdicts because we believe each of our clients deserves a successful outcome.

Contact our Toluca Lake employment law attorneys to schedule a free consultation today to learn how we can deliver specialized legal results for your critical case so you can confidently move forward.

Can I Switch Jobs if My California Employer Made Me Sign a Non-Compete Agreement?

Non-compete agreements are generally unenforceable in California, except in specific circumstances such as the sale of a business. The California Business and Professions Code treats such noncompete contracts as against public policy and void.

Can My California Employer Retaliate Against Me for Filing an Employment Complaint?

No. Retaliation for engaging in protected activities, such as filing a complaint about discrimination, harassment, wage violations, or workplace safety, is illegal. Employers are prohibited from taking adverse actions against employees who exercise their legal rights. If your employer has retaliated against you for reporting illegal, immoral, unsafe, or fraudulent activity, you may have a separate suit for retaliation.

What is Considered a Hostile Work Environment in California?

A hostile work environment refers to a workplace where an employee is subjected to unwelcome and discriminatory behavior that interferes with their ability to perform their job. This can include harassment, bullying, or offensive comments based on protected characteristics. If it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to go to work each day because of the hostility you face — from coworkers, management, or other third parties — we can help you understand your legal rights and options to hold your employee liable for the legal remedy that fits your unique case.

State and Federal Resources for California Workers

California employees have a wide range of employment rights that must be upheld by their employers inside and outside the workplace. These laws and statutes change annually and are hard to decipher from one year to the next. That is why we are here.

Although not an exhaustive list, some of the most common state and federal laws and statutes that protect California employees include:

  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act(ADEA)
  • Americans With Disabilities Act(ADA)
  • California Family Rights Act(CFRA)
  • California Pregnancy Disability Leave(PDL)
  • California Wage & Hour Laws
  • Fair Employment and Housing Act(FEHA)
  • Fair Labor Standards Act(FLSA)
  • Family and Medical Leave Act(FMLA)
  • Laws Against Retaliation
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act(OSHA)
  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act(USERRA)
  • Whistleblower Protection Act

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Whether you are working remotely or on the premises, in an office, on a farm, or in a restaurant, you have rights as a California employee, and the Toluca Lake employment law attorneys at Mehtani Law Offices, P.C. are here to protect them.

Contact our skilled employment lawyers in Toluca Lake at (310) 776-3590 to schedule a free consultation today to discuss your unique circumstances with a law firm that can help pursue real results for your case.

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