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At Mehtani Law Offices, our Beverly Hills employment law attorneys know California workplace class action lawsuits typically involve a group or class of employees collectively bringing legal action against their employer for alleged violations of employment laws.

Unlike an individual employment case, which deals with the legal claims of a single employee, an employment class action becomes relevant when large groups join together in a single large case against the employer.

Unfortunately, workplace class action claims are not uncommon. In 2021, the settlements from these cases set a new record.

Workplace Class Action Lawsuits

Understanding the Common Types of Workplace Class Action Lawsuits

Last year, in June 2023, Home Depot agreed to pay $72.5 million to end a long-running class-action lawsuit alleging California’s largest U.S. home improvement retailer underpaid workers.

After taking out legal fees and costs, half of the settlement goes to hourly employees who worked closing shifts and were required to wait off-the-clock after stores were locked. Another 41% goes to employees who were not paid for the time needed to collect and put on aprons, and 9% goes to employees who lost pay because Home Depot rounded their clock-in and clock-out times to the nearest quarter hour.

In addition to wage and hour violations, other joint workplace class action claims may include: 

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Workplace class action lawsuits can have significant financial implications and involve complex legal issues. Employees who believe their rights have been violated may join together to pursue legal action in California by contacting our skilled employment lawyers in Los Angeles County at (310)-776-3590 at Mehtani Law Offices to schedule a free consultation today to discuss your unique circumstances with a law firm that can help pursue real results for your case.

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