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At Mehtani Law Offices, P.C., our Beverly Hills employment law attorney knows that wage and hour violations are severe offenses in California. At the start of 2023, California’s statewide minimum wage increased to $15.50. However, cities and counties throughout the state can establish a higher minimum wage rate for employees working within their jurisdictions.

wage and hour violations

Beginning July 1, 2023, many did exactly that.

Here is what employees need to know about their right to earn the proper minimum wage based on where they work.

What California Cities and Counties Raised the Minimum Wage on July 1, 2023?

Locality                              Previous Minimum Wage           New Minimum Wage

Alameda                                            $15.75                                             $16.52

Berkeley                                            $16.99                                             $18.07

Emeryville                                         $17.68                                             $18.67

Fremont                                             $16.00                                             $16.80

City of Los Angeles                         $16.04                                             $16.78

County of Los Angeles

(Unincorporated areas only)          $15.96                                          $16.90

Malibu                                                 $15.96                                          $16.90

Milpitas                                               $16.40                                          $17.20

Pasadena                                            $16.11                                          $16.93

San Francisco                                    $16.99                                           $18.07

Santa Monica

(Hotel workers)                                   $15.96 – $18.17                          $16.90 – $19.73

West Hollywood

(Fewer than 50 employees)               $17.00                                           $19.08

(50 or more employees)                     $17.50                                           $19.08

(Hotel workers)                                    $18.35                                           $19.08

Many of the local ordinances contain specific notice requirements. The required posters must be posted conspicuously on the worksite, often requiring the notice to be provided in multiple languages.

These local minimum wage increases do not impact the minimum salary requirements for California employees exempt under executive, administrative, or professional exemptions. Instead, those requirements are based on the state-wide minimum wage, requiring employees to earn at least twice the state minimum wage or $64,480.00 annually.

If your California employer violates the state, city, or county’s minimum wage requirements where you work, contact our experienced Los Angeles County wage and hour attorneys at Mehtani Law Offices, P.C. by calling 310-776-3590 or contact us online for help today.

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