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Our Beverly Hills employment law attorneys at Mehtani Law Offices, P.C. know California is an “At-Will” employment state.

At-will employment means that the employer or the employee can terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason — except illegal ones — or without notice. However, our Los Angeles County employment lawyers also know this doctrine has exceptions and limitations.

What are the Critical Aspects of At-Will Employment in California?

At-Will Employment

In an at-will employment relationship in California, there is typically no formal employment contract specifying a fixed term of employment. While employment contracts can exist even in at-will arrangements, the default assumption is that employment is at-will unless stated otherwise.

This means both parties agree to the terms of work with the understanding that either party can terminate the relationship without the need for advanced notice or specific cause.

There are exceptions and limitations to at-will employment, including:

  • Employers cannot terminate employees for illegal reasons such as discrimination, retaliation, or protected rights violations.
  • Employers cannot terminate an employee if the termination violates a fundamental public policy principle, even if no specific law governs the situation.
  • California has a unique legal doctrine known as the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This doctrine means that both parties in an employment relationship act in good faith and treat each other fairly.

While at-will employment provides significant flexibility, employers must adhere to discrimination laws and avoid wrongful termination. Employees should also be aware of their rights and seek legal advice if they believe they have been terminated in violation of those rights. We can help.

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