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Our Beverly Hills employment law attorneys at Mehtani Law Offices, P.C. know that retaliating against an employee for reporting unsafe working conditions is against the law in California.

Multiple California laws protect employees who engage in certain protected activities, including reporting workplace safety concerns.

To follow, we explore some laws and the agencies where unsafe working conditions can be reported.

Terminated for Reporting Unsafe Working Conditions

California Occupational Safety and Health Act (Cal/OSHA)

If you believe you are working in unsafe conditions, it’s essential to report these concerns to your employer, supervisor, or the appropriate government agency. Documenting your safety concerns and any related communication is a good practice.

California has a state occupational safety and health program called Cal/OSHA. Cal/OSHA enforces workplace safety and health regulations in the state.

Employees have the right to report unsafe working conditions to Cal/OSHA.

California Whistleblower Protections

Employees who report safety violations — often referred to as whistleblowers — or refuse to work under unsafe conditions are protected from retaliation. Employers are prohibited from taking adverse actions, such as termination or demotion, against employees for engaging in protected activities related to workplace safety.

If you experience retaliation for reporting unsafe working conditions, you may have grounds for legal action. You can file a complaint with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) or contact our skilled whistleblower retaliation attorneys in Los Angeles County to protect your rights.

What Legal Remedies Are Available to Whistleblowers in California?

If you can demonstrate that you were terminated or faced adverse employment actions in retaliation for reporting unsafe working conditions, you may be entitled to remedies such as reinstatement, back pay, and damages for emotional distress.

At Mehtani Law, we understand the specifics of employment law and that they can be complex, which means the outcome of any particular case may depend on the specific circumstances and evidence involved.

If you have concerns about workplace safety and potential retaliation, contact our skilled employment lawyers in Los Angeles County at (310)-776-3590 at Mehtani Law Offices, P.C. to schedule a free consultation today to discuss your unique circumstances with a law firm that can help pursue real results for your case.

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